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December 2023


ECS_image.jpg Module Athens TP-09

    Emergence in Complex Systems

    Jean-Louis Dessalles - Associate professor at Telecom-Paris
    Ada Diaconescu - Associate professor at Telecom-Paris
    Gabriel Damay - PhD student at Telecom-Paris
    Samuel Reyd - PhD student at Telecom-Paris

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➜    [Presentation]


The course is divided in several chapters corresponding to lectures. Each chapter proposes several topics.
Don’t hesitate to skip some of them and go directly to those that match your interests best. Try to work on topics from all these chapters until Wednesday evening.                  
➜    [Docs, Biblio & Links] (below)

Students’ micro-studies

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PdfIcon.png     2023 Proceedings (Students’ micro-studies)    


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PdfIcon.png     Emergence    
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PdfIcon.png     Cellular automata    
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PdfIcon.png     Swarm Intelligence    
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PdfIcon.png     Small worlds    
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PdfIcon.png     Genetic Algorithms & Evolution    
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PdfIcon.png     Altruism    
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PdfIcon.png     Kin selection    
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PdfIcon.png     Cooperation 1    
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PdfIcon.png     Cooperation 2    
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PdfIcon.png     Signalling 1    
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PdfIcon.png     Signalling 2    

Videos on the Web

VideoIcon.png    C++ ants 1
VideoIcon.png    C++ ants 2
VideoIcon.png    Fish schools (in French)
The evolution of trust

Personal Work

➜ (1) Your answers during the Lab Work sessions will be recorded and evaluated.

➜ (2)    Moreover, you are expected to make a personal contribution during the week.     This contribution is typically an improvement on some issue studied during the Lab Work sessions. You should pick a problem that you want to investigate further. Initiative is welcome.

Your contribution shoud be achieved using the Evolife platform. If it involves code, this code should be in Python.

    Please indicate here what you intend to do as a project.
    You may decide as soon as Tuesday evening.
    If you change your mind, redo the inscription.
    ➜    You may consult other students’ projects. Try to play a minority game in your choice!
    You may choose to work in pairs. In this case, both partners should enter the same project (title, description) on the site.
    Both members of the pair should be heard during the Friday presentation.
    If you opt for a common report, then the report should include two separate parts that make clear who did what.

On Thursday evening :

On Friday

➜ (3) You will talk during 4 minutes about your small study (from you seat). Your audience is not the teachers, but the other students.

➜ (4) You will answer a small quiz in English (~ 25 min.)

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PdfIcon.png     QUIZ 2023: Correction    


  1. Write you report    ➜    Please use this template: MSWord or LibreOffice or LaTeX or Pdf
  2. Upload the report, your program and any relevant material    ➜    Uploading page
    The code and the written description might be uploaded until the next Tuesday after the Athens week (in the evening).